About the Project

After over a century of being the heart of the city, Downtown Cairo does not only embody a past history, it also represents a pulsating present, and in its heart, the future of this great city is taking shape ahead of its eventual unfolding.

Downtown Cairo has always been the focal point of change in the social, and cultural fabric of the city. Throughout its history, Downtown has always been home to artists, thinkers, intellects, philosophers, and authors: the catalysts of social change.

Fonts, like buildings, and theatre, and songs are a reflection of the social cultures that have created them. Calligraphy is a substantial art that is an essential component of our visual environment and of our public spaces. The fonts of Downtown Cairo are no exception; they tell the story of Cairo through the facades of this great neighborhood.

A project to document the fonts of Downtown Cairo and to recreate them is not only needed but also falls at the core of what Al Ismaelia is about; the restoration and preservation of the old neighborhood and its revival in contemporary times.
The project captures fonts from different eras, their various uses and how they integrated into the daily lives of the societies they addressed. As importantly, this initiative recreates these fonts in a contemporary setting and makes them available for use by today’s artists, businesses and retailers.
There is not a more honest celebration of our history than by taking it with us into our future.