Ghalia Elsrakbi & Haytham Nawar

Ghalia Elsrakbi, Graphic designer, researcher and educator. She completed a BA Graphic Design at Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunst, Arnhem, followed by a Masters in Design at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. In 2009, she followed a research post-graduate at Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. Since 2014, she is based in Cairo, Egypt where she teaches at the American University in Cairo.

Since 2009, she established Collective Foundland for Art and design research, together with Lauren Alexander South African Designer. Ghalia’s work draws on visual arts, graphic design, research and text. She focuses on a critical analysis of topics related to political land locational branding in Europe and the middle east.

Ghalia’s Projects have taken the form of exhibition installations, collaborative workshops with schools, and other projects have manifested as publications distributed as part of exhibition installations.


Haytham Nawar is an artist, designer, and researcher who currently lives and works in Cairo. He is Assistant Professor and Director of the Graphic Design program, Department of the Arts at the American University in Cairo.

Nawar received his Ph.D. from the Planetary Collegium, Center for Advanced Inquiry in Integrative Arts, School of Art and Media - University of Plymouth. He holds a Masters of Advanced Studies ZFH in Spatial Design, Institute of Design & Technology, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland and an MFA in New Media and BFA in Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt. He is a Fulbright alumni and a research affiliate of Civic City Institute at Geneva University of Art and Design.

For over fifteen years Nawar has participated in several international exhibitions, biennials, and triennials, the latest of which was Venice Biennial in 2015. He has won numerous awards and acquisitions nationally and internationally.

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