About Fonts

“Madinet Al-Bat” is the typeface based on the Ruqa'a that is profoundly and intensively used on the streets of Downtown Cairo, in street signage, storefronts, and ads.

Ruqa'a is the evolution of older scripts to adapt to the handwritten technique of writing, which is characterized by its loose and practical usage. Hence, Ruqa'a could be considered the script of the average street life. Ruqa'a is highly present in the city’s public spaces and much lacks in the digital platforms.

“Madinet Al-Bat” inspired from the Ruqa'a variations in downtown Cairo. It is a hybrid/collective Ruqa'a font, a typeface to be used in contemporary design practices. The typeface is characterized by its bold structure, sharp inclined edges, high contrast, and its Ruqa'a slanting.

“Madinet Al-Bat” is designed to express the daily street life of the city, downtown area. The type imitates a cynical perspective of the city and the life of its periodic dwellers, thus showing the randomness and irregular life of the city. Therefore, the type is designed to discuss solemn issues of the people public space in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Designer Yosra Gamal